Blog- 5 Ways to Screw Passion of your Team Members: The Guide

The topic may bring negativity but it is effective for sure. Last evening, I was driving to my home when I read a warning board stating, “Please Drive Fast- Death is waiting for you”.

Requests are out, Instructions are the new fashion for the day. In this post, I will be discussing 5 easy ways by which you as a manager can screw the passion or zeal for innovation of your team members.
It is actually important, nobody has right to change the game!!! You are playing the game in the same fashion since long and someone who sits low in hierarchy do not have any right to change it or even correct it. Although this new team member is proving its capabilities, he know how to do a job in a smarter way, so what!!! You are the manager, you will decide what’s wrong or right.

You are doing this amazingly but it would have been better if you can throw out the virus of “Passion” from him. Congratulation pal! You landed at the best place, I have the pill with me.

This is surely the Fat Man for you, instant result – maximum destruction. You actually don’t need to do anything for that. Simply, keep monitoring his or her work closely-very closely, keep warning him about his working hours and interactive nature; keep asking for hour-based reports and best to monitor his screen and internet activity, Boom! Target successfully hit!

Kick the work-life balance
This new teammate has such a great work-life balance. Apart from satisfactory office performance, party on Fridays, smiling selfies on Social Media and moreover, everyone is his friend in office. This is not correct Sir. You must change it because you don’t like it or even you love it, you don’t have it.

Treat like Head-Cost
It sounds good to read that employees must be treated as assets but actually company expect you to contradict it. Employees are being paid and that gives you all the damn right to exploit them accordingly. Treating everyone equal should be a nightmare for every manager.

Ask for Re-do and Stretching beyond Office
You can’t figure out how to proceed with the work or can’t manage the team-work productively? Don’t worry, that’s why we have team member right! Ask them to re-do the work once, twice, thrice till you can count. You should also encourage team to work beyond 8 hours because that’s how productivity increase.

Looking for the fifth? Experience will surely teach you that lethal trick but till then you can play with the above discussed wiles. Please forward this to everyone who is in need. You can also share your favourite or secret strategies.
Where destruction is the motive, unity is dangerous: Ravi Zacharias

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