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/Who Am I

When I start calculating about this topic; I smile softly and the chapters of my life turn back to the page when Math teacher and neighbour’s daughter (who always top of the class) were the only enemies in the world; when the pocket money of Rs. 10 was enough to make me feel like bill gates and excuse for the sick leave was the only lie I speak.
I always try my best to figure out the area where I am the best but the result of this query was answered effectively by my life only.

Dream 1: Age 7:  I will be Shaktiman
After running hard to reach the home on time because I didn’t want to miss even the cast name of   Shaktiman; I sometimes felt that I too had some hidden super powers. Sometimes I gazed hard at my teacher when she slaps me because I thought that maybe she will burn away by the X-rays of my eyes, sometimes I didn’t even start my drama of crying when my mom beats me with her household weapons because I thought it will alarm my hidden power of being ‘super strong’. But all my efforts ended with extra slaps and more severe beating. So at the end I declared
“Super heroes are Super heroes because they are not surrounded by a cruel lady gang “

Dream 2: Age 15: I will be a Doctor
Just to save my life from the painful taunting of my dad that sounds like
“Learn something from that neighbour’s girl, you moron! She again got more marks than you” &
“I had done so much hard work in my whole life and God gifted me these bastards (my parents don’t believe in discrimination; they scold me and my brother at the same time irrespective of the fact that who has committed the mistake)”
I studied hard and top the class with 89% marks in 10th class; my dad asked ME to choose the subject stream. Without even thinking for a minute I said that I will be a doctor (it was my good luck that the every lady doctor I meet was DAMN HOT so I thought that the profession too will be INTERESTING).
But as always dad refused my proposal by telling me the fact that “being a doctor needs a LOT of money and by looking at your face I feel that the money will be a waste so it’s a NO”.
I was sad but not surprised; I again took the lead and said that’s ok, i will go with Art stream because I want to be an artist (I thought that artist don’t have to do a lot of work, so they have more time. And it was a simple fact that more the time you had more the counting of girlfriends will be).
Again a no to my proposal by declaring the fact that “ I don’t want any joker or something like that from my family; if you want to be the Rockstar in trains and buses then you surely can but I will not invest any single penny of my income on that”.
Before I could choose the commerce stream; Dad itself declared “Wow my son wants to be an engineer, it will be hard for me to afford but I will do that because I can’t Say a NO to him ever”

Dream3: Age 17: I will be an Engineer
After dad FITTED me in the engineering line; I too accepted the truth and declared that “ok I will be an engineer”
The enthusiasm of this line was very effective in my first year and I scored well. The things started going bad when I discovered that I am kind of cute and smart :P.
The result of the second year was poor; I got 6 backs in two semesters. Just like every engineer I too declared “I will start studying from next semester”. BUT Before I could have followed my words; a girl too discovered that I am kind of cute and smart :p.
Result of the third year was down to the ground and I was failing in all theoretical subjects’ incorporation with 2 practical exams too.
With a burden of 18 backs I realized that either engineering is not made for me or I am not built for engineering. Still with my last night fights with books, help of friends, wake up call of my GF, bundles of cheating and blessing of invigilators; I somehow cleared 28 exams in a single year (16 backs + 12 regular; it is a record of all the time from my college) But I was not an engineer. I started explaining my frustration on pages and I didn’t even realize when I was in love with writing. I was not doing it to be the best; i was doing it because I feel good in that.
At the end I accepted the truth that “it’s better to be a bad writer than a worst engineer” so I started writing my novel. My novel was selected at the first glance by a renowned publisher and I am still working on it

Who I am now: Age – till the date I am converting O₂ into CO₂
Actually at present i am all what i ever wanted to be. I am a super hero when I unconditionally care and help for anyone who is in need of any help; I am a doctor when I give relief to my parents by making them proud of me; I am an artist when I pour creativity in my work, I am an engineer when I study technical stuff and I am a writer when I argue with my seniors on the fact that writing is not my work it is my passion.
I am everything because i had learned from being nothing


Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

- Steve Jobs -


/What I do

Abracadabra!!! welcome to my favourite section. I am a creative person with excellent communication skills. I can work as a techno-functional business analyst or can create/handle both technical and non-technical documentation for your team.
I can inspire and entertain the audience with motivational speaking skills and can make the reader emotional with creative scriptwriting and storytelling expertise.
Boarding me on the team will bring utmost positivity, more laugh, unmatchable commitment and offcourse, one of the world’s funniest dancer.


Effective content can take a business to the new heights. It engages the audience and hence converts leads to customers. Creative content, Blogs, Plays, User Guides, User Manuals, Datasheet, Whitepaper, Scripts, Stories; you name it, I write it.

Business Consulting

Business consultation identifies weakness and provide innovative solutions for your organization. Requirement gathering and analysis, creating business related documents and product demonstration etc. comes under my umbrella of services

Motivational Lectures

Motivation uplifts the energy level, opens new door of thinking abilities and hence can boost the productivity of your human resources. It is high time to turn your Powerpoint-oriented meetings to full of energy, humor & enthusiasm junction.


5years of experience
120projects completed
6000hours of work
2844coffee cans


/My entire career


B.Tech, Electronics and Communication

Kurukshetra University

Active member of different inter-college and intra-college cultural events. Anchor for the yearly event for two years in the row.

  • Gold Medallist in 6th National Cyber Olympiad conducted by L.G, Wipro and Reliance
  • Secured 89% marks in 56th Annual All India General Knowledge Test conducted by All India Board of General Knowledge
  • Secured 74% marks in 49th Annual All India UN Information Test Conducted by UNO

June 2012- May 2013

Technical Content Writer

Sparx IT Solutions

Writing software documentation, White Papers, User Guides, Installation Guides, and proof reading the existing content. Writing SEO optimized content and technical blogs. Working closely with the internet marketing experts for brand promotion.

Senior Technical Writer- Contractual

Wipro Technologies

  • Regularly interacting with client to gather information
  • Preparing and proof reading Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and complex instructional designs as per the client’s guideline
  • Converting business and information flow diagrams into easy to understand instructions for Customer Care Representatives (CCRs)
  • Guiding and providing training to the new resources
  • Writing user manuals, user guides, installation guides, functional description and other internal documents

September 2013 - March 2014
September 2016- June 2017

Business Professional

Fiserv India Pvt. Ltd.

Handling different technical documentation and eLearning material for different financial institutions and banks. Communicating with different business units to gather requirements and offering solutions for numerous use cases. Creating advanced-level presentations and data representation reports for organizational leaders. Working on Camtasia and Stoyline to convert Business WebEx meetings to eLearning courses for Business Analysts and Business Representatives. Awarded Shining Star of the Quarter for the very first quarter after joining.

Business Consultant

Bristlecone- A Mahindra Group Company

At first, hired as a contractual employee to independently handle all the business and technical documentation related work, I was soon offered to join the organization as permanent business consultant. I contributed at different level of SDLC and helped organization to attract more customers and better customer engagement. I also won the prestigious Most Innovative Person of the Year award at the annual meet for contribution towards new business ideas around Mobility Solution for SaaS application and Business Intelligence.

March 2014- September 2016
Non-Profit Organizations
February 2013- August 2015

Director of Communication

NFMA- National Farmer Market Association (USA)

Handling all the work related to content that includes but not limited to website content management, proposal writing, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Blogs, Press Release, Inspirational videos, Poster making, Slogan writing etc. I was awarded by personal letter of recommendation by the Director of NFMA (Dr.Christopher Headen)

Organizational Development Leader

Helping Brainz

Creating Organizational development opportunities for Helping Brainz, suggesting practical ideas for the development of the organization, communicating the organization to other counterparts and helping in fund raising. Proof reading and writing content for social causes. Working closely with the research team to expose the major issues and problems faced by the society. Motivating the youth to work for the betterment of our nation and guard the moral values.

May 2013- November 2015


82%Technical Writing
94%Business Consulting
80%Public Speaking


/Work done so far

Immense experience and caffeine-rich drinks has helped me to produce different type of content that includes but not limited to Blogs, Case Studies, Fictions, Plays, Whitepapers, User Guides, Data Sheets, Presentations, Business Flow Diagrams and lot more. Subjected to the space, few of the sample works are provided in the below section. For more information, contact the super-cool admin now.


When we had projects that required an attention to detail, keen research, and professional prose, Vishal did not let us down. We were and still are EXTREMELY SATISFIED with his work.
Christopher H., Chairman N.F.M.A.
Vishal is one of the best technical writers i have worked with. Always committed to the deadlines
Subodh Gaur, Testing Lead-Mahindra Groups
Brilliant mind with punch of great sense of humor! He never failed to surprise me with his unique ideas. For me, Vishal has always been an enthusiastic and skilled professional who also knows how to maintain work-life balance
Hema, Analyst-Fiserv India
Vishal is very passionate about his work. He gives 200 % to whatever work you give.
Rakesh Vats, HR-KPMG
Vishal is a prefect team player, energetic, innovative and disciplined. He was a great mentor
Sandeep, Analyst-IBM India


/Our Journal

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